We don't make ass hats!
Welcome to the home of Geek Lolita. We're working on the website and hope to have a full shopping site ready soon. Until then, product photos are on the way and we're setting up a temporary store on our new Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/geeklolita/ . We've found a glitch in our email setup, and have corrected it. If you've tried to email us at carrie@geeklolita.com and not gotten through, please try again. If you still have any issues getting through, try us at carrie@brassbobbin.com.

Looking for these?

If you saw these great bowling shirts at any of our recent shows and have been looking for them, we now have the first designs available. We now offer them in Command Red, Ops Gold, and Science Blue and also have the ladies' version available! Since this website is undergoing major programming on the back end, we've made the shirts available in our Square store so you won't have to wait! Get them here: https://squareup.com/store/brass-bobbin

Look What's Coming!

Yep, we're hard at work with new product photos and back end function on the website. But here's a sneek peek at what's coming soon!